The In-Transit Report

Probably should try this blogging thing…

Well, I’m sitting in the hostel kitchen in Kaikoura, New Zealand, which has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s sunrise, and I’m still amazed I got myself out of bed to watch it. The view opposite me is of tall, snow-capped mountains, reflected in the calm ocean waves below, which are rolling against the jagged rocks of the shore. Pretty idillic.

I have a lot to write, or I should anyway. All of my month in Australia, and my week and a half in New Zealand. The time has been going so fast and yet so slowly; it seems like a lifetime ago that I was still at work and counting down the days until I left! Travel really changes your perception of time, and your perception of everything else. Friendships are formed in hours instead of years, resulting from deep conversations with strangers whose names you don’t remember to ask until you’re about to part ways. A bus ride is an adventure, a train ride an experience. Simple acts like buying groceries or looking for that random thing (duct tape, pens and paper, black beans) turn into a circus, especially when you’re somewhere whose language you don’t speak.

I think I’ll start with that.

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